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The Acuscope and Myoscope Therapy that Molly Wells performs on all of my performance horses has not only helped keep my horses sound, but it has helped me make greater strides in their training regiment. I have found that both of these tools not only help injured horses heal, but they help healthy horses perform more consistently at the top of their game!

- Kristen Roberson

The courses taught me not only had how to be a better therapist, but also how a better horseman and animal owner. I honestly felt that there were no topics that we couldn't discuss.

- Chance Kendall

Molly's incredible eye for detail, and her use of the Acuscope, have helped to pinpoint underlying issues and increase the rate of healing. Every horse she has worked on in my barn has responded very well to treatments, and with one exception, returned to full work with no restrictions. That one exception was a gelding with a torn meniscus who was so severe he was a candidate for euthanasia. That horse, returned to light work. Having experienced the benefits of Molly's work on the horses I couldn't imagine running my training business without it.

- Liz Gioja

Welcome to the Home of Equinessence
Equinessence is owned and operated by Molly Wells. We strive to be a positive asset in the animal world. Molly specializes in equine and canine applications utilizing the Animal Calibrated Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy System. She is the leading Therapist and Instructor in the industry, being named the Top Ranked Instructor by Animal Therapy Systems annually since 2008. Equinessence strives to assist the animal with performance optimization, pain management for chronic conditions, and accelerating the recovery process when injuries do occur. Molly shares her knowledge by offering training and certification courses with this therapy system throughout the country and, internationally for private and professional use. All of her classes are approved through Animal Therapy Systems, the exclusive distributor for animal calibrated instruments.

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything that we can assist you with. We hope you enjoy your visit!
Upcoming Courses
August 9 - 11 ATS Canine Acuscope Certification Workshop (Oceanside, CA)  more details
August 10 - 20 ATS Equine Acuscope Course (Vacaville, CA)
September ATS Equine Acuscope Certification Course (Vacaville, CA)
November 2 - 12 ATS Equine Acuscope Certification Course (Vacaville, CA)
November 20 - 22 Personal Use Human Acuscope Workshop (Vacaville, CA)  more details
November 23 - 25 ATS Canine Acuscope Certification Workshop (Vacaville, CA)
Molly Wells
Molly Wells, owner of Equinessence, with DD Sunday Society
Charlotte Jorst
Congratulations to Charlotte Jorst, of Kastel Stables, and Vitalis for finishing 9th in the world at the World Cup 2013 in Germany

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