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I was introduced to the Acuscope through my daughter Jessica, after she became a certified therapist. As anyone in the barrel racing industry can attest, the health of our equine athletes is paramount to our success. I initially set out to become an Acuscope therapist to benefit our own horses, after taking the course with Molly I became very energized and want to offer this type of "natural" therapy for equine athletes of every discipline in our region.

- Chelle Wahlert, Excellular Therapy in Colorado

Molly has treated my horses for several years and she does wonders. She is not only wonderful to be around, but the horses love her. Her treatments are great for the performance horse and when any injury happens. She is the first person I call when a horse gets injured. When she treats you just know that the lay up time is going to be reduced significantly.

- Charlotte Jorst

I can't say enough good things about the Acuscope/Myoscope Therapy System. Bandy was my "once in a life time" horse. One of his greatest accomplishments was taking Ember from 14th in the World to 4th in the World in 1997.

- Lana Givens

Welcome to the Home of Equinessence
Equinessence is owned and operated by Molly Wells. We strive to be a positive asset in the animal world. Molly specializes in equine and canine applications utilizing the Animal Calibrated Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy System. She is the leading Therapist and Instructor in the industry, being named the Top Ranked Instructor by Animal Therapy Systems annually since 2008. Equinessence strives to assist the animal with performance optimization, pain management for chronic conditions, and accelerating the recovery process when injuries do occur. Molly shares her knowledge by offering training and certification courses with this therapy system throughout the country and, internationally for private and professional use. All of her classes are approved through Animal Therapy Systems, the exclusive distributor for animal calibrated instruments.

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything that we can assist you with. We hope you enjoy your visit!
Upcoming Courses
September ATS Equine Acuscope Certification Course (Vacaville, CA)
November 9 - 19 ATS Equine Acuscope Certification Course (Vacaville, CA)
November 20 - 22 Personal Use Human Acuscope Workshop (Vacaville, CA)  more details
November 23 - 25 ATS Canine Acuscope Certification Workshop (Vacaville, CA)
Molly Wells
Molly Wells, owner of Equinessence, with DD Sunday Society
Charlotte Jorst
Congratulations to Charlotte Jorst, of Kastel Stables, and Vitalis for finishing 9th in the world at the World Cup 2013 in Germany

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